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Eveline Cosmetics

Eveline Cosmetics-Face Serum Shot 15% Vitamin C+Cg

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Illuminating  - 30ml  
15% Vitamin C +Cg
Ferulic Acid 
Matrixyl 3000 
Illuminating Treatment for Face, Neck and Neckline 
Vitamin C +Cg : Evens skin tone and eliminates discoloration 
Ferulic Acid : Helps to maintain, the look and shine 
Matrixyl 3000: Supports Skin Renewal and regeneration . 

Intended for Dull skin, lacking radiance with numerous discoloration and tiny wrinkles. 

Application : Morning and/or evening apply few drops of the serum on clean skin , follow by your favourite moisturizing cream. 
Store at room temperature and away from direct light and sun light. 

Note: When using a new product, it is always advisable to make a mini patch test on a small area of the skin and watch for any possible reaction.