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Eveline Cosmetics

Eveline Cosmetics-Face Serum Shot 0.2% Retinol

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Wrinkles   - 30ml  
0.2% Retinol 
Anti wrinkle treatment for Face, Neck and neckline 
Intended for : Skin with visible aging symptoms, discoloration and fixed wrinkles. 

The unique formula of the serum provides rejuvenation and regeneration of the skin. 0.2% Retinol perfectly tightens and softens wrinkles.

Squalane helps active ingredients to penetrate the skin, intensively moisturizes and softens it. 
Niacinamide reduces dryness of the skin and softens blemishes. The condition of the skin will improve significantly and maintain a healthy, youthful appearance!

Apply 3-4 times per week in the evening, to be followed by moisturizing cream. Use on following days sunscreen with at least SPF 20. 

Sensitization test is recommended, especially for sensitive skin. If using Retinol for first time, better test on a small area and check for any reaction prior to applying on all face.