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Eveline Cosmetics

Eveline Cosmetics - Foot Care Med+ Professional Exfoliating Mask

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For callous, rough and dry heels. 
The Foot Care Med+ Professional Exfoliating Mask by Eveline is an exfoliating mask for the care of the heels. It restores suppleness and softness. A powerful formula removes thickening and calluses. Professional foot care at your fingertips!
The formula is 20% PODOPeel™ complex, which contains lactic, glycolic, salicylic acid and urea. Effectively removes calluses and makes the skin of the heels smooth. Peppermint soothes freshly exfoliated skin and sugar cane and orange extracts moisturize, nourish and help regenerate the epidermis faster. The effect is visible after 7 days!

- Makes heels soft and tender to the touch
- Eliminates calluses
- The effect is visible after 7 days
- Does not damage the nail plate
- Strong formula
- Universal size

Application: Apply the exfoliating mask to clean and dry feet and remove after one hour. Exfoliation begins after 3-5 days.