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Eveline Cosmetics

Eveline Cosmetics - Bio Organic Burdock Therapy Mask-Conditioner

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For weak, thin, prone to falling out hair
Burdock has long been used as a hair tonic in traditional folk rebuilds hair structure, stimulates hair growth, prevents hair loss, eliminates dandruff and relieves irritation and itching. Burdock contains a unique complex of natural bioactive substances: Tannins, vitamin C, proteins, natural inulin, palmitic and stearic acids, which block the action of enzymes that cause hair loss and improve blood circulation and nutrition of hair follicles. Selected botanical active ingredients: comfrey, acacia and nettle extracts, essential oils of rosemary and thyme. The mask strengthens follicles and promotes hair growth.
1. apply the mask to washed, lightly towel-dried hair.
2. comb it carefully to distribute the mask evenly through the hair.
3. leave on for 5-10 minutes. 4.
4. rinse thoroughly at the end.
Use 1-2 times a week as needed.