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Made in Lab

MADE IN LAB. 115 Eau de Parfum Unisex 100ML

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Fragrance category: oriental, floral


Head: saffron, jasmine

Heart: amberwood, ambergris

Bases: fir resin, cedar

MADE IN LAB 115 Is a perfume with scent notes inspired by  BACCARAT ROUGE 540 * .

It is a unisex fragrance , so it will appeal to both women and men. Fragrance 115 is definitely an oriental, deep, mature composition. The enveloping and warm notes of saffron, jasmine and amberwood will awaken in you associations of dawn at a Moroccan spice market. Each use of fragrance 115 is an oriental dance of scents and aromas. 

The scent of Made In Lab 115 is complex and refined.

It opens with top notes of jasmine and saffron, which give it a floral and spicy character. The heart of the fragrance reveals woody notes of amber, creating a warm and soothing aura. Base notes are fir resin and cedar, which add depth and sensuality to the composition.

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