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Made in Lab.

MADE IN LAB. 45 Eau de Parfum for Women 100ML

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Fragrance category:  Oriental


Head:  Blackberry , bergamot

Heart:  Jasmine , chocolate, honey, caramel

Bases:  Vanilia

- MADE IN LAB 45 Is a perfume with scent notes inspired THIERRY MUGLER ANGEL *. 

The perfect choice for women who love to be the center of attention. The intensely sweet chocolate scent will be your friend both in the evenings and on cold days. 

This fragrance composition is an iconic combination. It's a bold and distinctive scent that you have to love wearing. An oriental gourmet fragrance that is both sweet and seductive. The fragrance opens with notes of bergamot and blackberry, which provide a fresh and citrus introduction. The heart of the fragrance contains a rich blend of sweet and indulgent notes, including honey, chocolate and caramel, giving it a delicious and decadent character. The base notes consist of vanilla, which adds depth, warmth and a slightly earthy tone.

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